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Mark De Moment Limited (MDML) was founded in 2005 and Creative Caribbean Specialists (CCS) was founded in 2017. Throughout the years as my knowledge and experience in the Arts, Events and Education grew, the realities of networking, making a positive difference and financial earning potential grew with it. Therefore, to expand my reach in a formal and professional manner, while incorporating the skills and knowledge of my family and colleagues, the creation of Creative Caribbean Specialists bore fruit.

Mark De Moment Limited (MDML) genesis has a somewhat similar path where my sister Dr. Albertha Joseph-Alexander incorporated her skills, siblings and tenacity and created MDML. Both entities as “Edutainment” companies in the Creative Sectors continue to make waves among individuals, groups, corporate, NGOs, CBOs, government ministries/state boards.

Motto: Seal it in Time


A professional, quality, customised, long-lasting moments for all who come into contact with us.

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